1. Introduction

Hi! I’m Satya.

I’m passionate about value investing.

2. Purpose

Like any passionate value investor, I must read a lot.

But unfortunately, with age, I have become forgetful. Hence, the need to take a lot of notes.

And since the notes are already there, why not share them with you?

That’s the purpose of this blog.

So, come join me. We’ll learn together.

3. Request

I make a lot of investing mistakes.

For example, BHEL – once a stock market favorite – fell 80% after I bought. 🙁

In fact, my investing track record is filled with so many painful ones, it’s not even funny.

So, one humble request:

  • Please do not treat my blog posts, as research recommendation or as investment advice.

In fact, you should always do your own homework.

You’ve earned your money with your blood, sweat and tears, afterall. So, please, please be careful!

And in the spirit of full-disclosure, here’s my latest portfolio:

4. Portfolio

StockFirst bought
1. Axis Bank13 Jan 2006
2. BHEL10 Sep 2012
3. SAIL19 Mar 2013
4. Tata Steel PP23 Dec 2019
5. ITC13 Mar 2020
6. Mayur Uniquoter13 Mar 2020
7. Bajaj Consumer30 Mar 2020
8. Castrol23 April 2020
9. MGL23 April 2020
10. VST Ind23 April 2020
11. Wonderla29 April 2020
12. NALCO12 May 2020
13. Sinclairs Hotel01 Jun 2020
14. Ashiana Hous.01 Jun 2020
15. Mahindra Life01 Jun 2020
16. Tata Metaliks06 Jul 2020
17. TCNS Clothing13 Jul 2020
18. Coal India20 Jul 2020
19. CCL Products04 Dec 2020
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